CEO Sleepout has raised c£2.9 million for charities working hard to tackle homelessness in cities across the UK. You can read details of our beneficiaries and funds donated here.

The charity was formed in December 2013 by Andy Preston after two successful sleep-out events. These were held at Middlesbrough FC and Newcastle Utd FC in collaboration with Middlesbrough & Teesside Philanthropic Foundation. Trustees of the charity include Niklas Tunley of business law firm Endeavour Partnership and Abu Ali, Partner at Leathers Corporate Finance. CEO Sleepout is run by CEO, Bianca Robinson.




Bernie Fehon

Bernie Fehon isn't a trustee but is on here because he deserves a lot of credit! Bernie created and drove an amazing project in Australia called CEO Sleeopout and known generally as Vinnies Sleepout. That project has raised many millions of dollars to fund work with and for homelessness in Australia. Bernie is an inspirational man and it was following a conversation with Bernie that Andy Preston created CEO Sleepout events and projects in the UK.

Andy Preston

Investor and
Charity Founder

Andy Preston is Chair and founder of CEO Sleepout charity. Born and raised in Middlesbrough, Andy gained an MA from the University of Edinburgh before working in London as financial markets trader.

He successfully built and ran a number of trading businesses for international financial organisations, later creating and managing a large hedge fund group for a European bank.

After moving back to the North East, he supported a number of local businesses, providing them with ideas and capital.

Andy’s extensive experience of charities includes being a patron of international children’s charity ARK (2003-08) and regional chair of Fairbridge Teesside (2006-10). With Tanya Garland, he founded Middlesbrough and Teesside Philanthropic Foundation in 2011 and has been instrumental in bringing together around 40 local businesses and individuals as patrons and supporters, raising more than £2.6 million in the charity’s first five years.

In 2014 Andy launched a new charity: CEO Sleepout. With Andy as its driving force, CEO Sleepout has become a national phenomenon, raising £1.4m to fight homelessness and poverty. He also recently chaired Tees Valley Education, a local multi-academy trust.

In late 2016 Andy led CEO Sleepout to launch not-for-profit restaurant, The Fork In The Road. The venture has been a huge success, winning acclaim for its food and its partnerships with local prisons and colleges, helping to get people into employment and training.