fighting homelessness & poverty in Portsmouth
Thursday April 4th 2019
Fratton Park
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What is it?

Give up your bed for one night and help those who don’t have one!

On Thursday 4th April 2019, big-hearted business leaders, owners and execs from across Portsmouth will join forces to fight homelessness, each pledging to raise over £1000.

Join them in showing real leadership by braving the cold and sleeping out for one night at Fratton Park, fighting poverty and homelessness in Portsmouth.

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Thursday April 4th
Fratton Park

Hall of Fame

Our biggest fundraisers
  • 1 Graham Galbraith
  • 2 Jeremy Drew
  • 3 Jo Wardman-Smith
  • 4 Ian Millen
  • 5 Nicholas Roe
  • 6 Polly Honeychurch
    Cottage Grove Primary School
  • 7 Martin Mallon
  • 8 Sophie Butler
  • 9 Kate Glasby
  • 10 Luke Channer
Previous event

April 16th 2018
Fratton Park

Our sleepers braved the cold and raised an incredible
for local charities.

You can do the same!

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