fighting homelessness & poverty
Monday April 26th 2021
The Alnwick Garden
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Calling Northumberland’s business leaders: Join CEO Sleepout Northumberland at The Alnwick Garden!

Lockdown has been hard for all of us. But imagine if you had no home, no bed, no food and nowhere you felt safe. More people have been driven to the streets as they’ve lost their jobs, can’t pay their rent and have struggled to feed their families. Some have been able to make use of empty hotel rooms, but without continued support, they’ll be back on the streets.

They need YOUR help.

CEO Sleepout Northumberland at the Alnwick Garden will be limited to 50 participants. We will implement social distancing measures to keep you safe. Should Government guidelines change to restrict gatherings, we will reschedule the event for the earliest possible date.

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Monday April 26th
The Alnwick Garden


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November 18th 2019
The Alnwick Garden

Our sleepers braved the cold and raised an incredible
for local charities.

You can do the same!

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