Middlesbrough & Stockton

join Teesside's business leaders fighting homelessness and poverty
Monday November 11th 2019
The Victorian Street, Preston Park Museum
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What is it?

On 11th November 2019, Big-hearted business leaders from across Middlesbrough and Stockton –  will give up their bed for one night and help those who don’t have one.

Will you join them?

You’ll bed down alongside Teesside’s most compassionate CEOs, senior level executives, and teams, all braving the elements and sleeping outside to raise awareness and funds, each participant aiming to raise £800 to fight homelessness and poverty in Stockton and Middlesbrough.

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Monday November 11th
8pm - 6am
The Victorian Street, Preston Park Museum

Hall of Fame

Our biggest fundraisers
  • 1 Nomi Ahmad
  • 2 Ken James
  • 3 Matthew Scrimshaw
  • 4 Elaine Mclaine-Wood
  • 5 Kev Dawson
  • 6 Nick Bramley
  • 7 David Downing
  • 8 Ollie Mack
  • 9 Malcolm Knott
  • 10 Amanda Gardiner
Previous event

November 12th 2018
Victorian street, Preston Park Museum

Our sleepers braved the cold and raised an incredible
for local charities.

You can do the same!

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