fighting poverty and homelessness in Harrogate
Thursday March 12th 2020
Harrogate Rugby Union Football Club
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What is it?

On 12 March 2020, Harrogate’s big hearted business community will come together to brave a cold night beneath the stars, giving up their warm beds to fight for people in Harrogate who are trapped by poverty and homelessness.

Will you join them?

You’ll be bedding down with business leaders, business owners, CEOs, senior level executives, managers and teams, all braving the elements and sleeping outdoors to raise awareness and funds, each person pledging to raise £800 to fight homelessness and poverty in Harrogate.

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Thursday March 12th
8pm - 6am
Please note change of date to 12 March

Hall of Fame

Our biggest fundraisers
  • 1 Martin Corbett
    Derwent Facilities Management
  • 2 Erika Wilson
  • 3 Bernie Gibson
  • 4 Paul Smith
  • 5 Dolly Cook
Previous event

December 6th 2018
Ashville College

Our sleepers braved the cold and raised an incredible
for local charities.

You can do the same!

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