Meet our biggest beneficary to date: Changing Lives

Since 2014, we have worked in partnership with Changing Lives across the North, and we are proud to be in a position to support this incredible charity.


To date, we’ve donated a phenomenal £282,156 from CEO Sleepout events to Changing Lives.

We all believe that everyone deserves a safe home, a rewarding job and a life free from addiction or abuse. Changing Lives believes that given the right support, anyone can change their life for the better.

With around 100 projects in England staffed by 600 dedicated staff, Changing Lives works with people experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, addiction, long-term unemployment and more, to make positive change – for good.

What they do via a range of support services literally changes people’s lives. This means people who might once have been homeless can learn to live healthy and productive lives, where they are free to learn, earn and thrive.

Watch this moving video: Moving On – A Story Of Change And Progress:


Here are a few more ways in which Changing Lives supports people who need it most:


Changing Lives in York

Changing Lives operate through many different services in York. These include a Recovery Centre, Women and young Children housing and men aged 18+ and couples housing. Changing Lives’ vision for recovery is to empower people to challenge their dependence, achieve their goals and find meaning for themselves outside of addiction.

Recovery Centre services are at the heart of supporting visible recovery. They are available to anyone with substance misuse problems, no matter where they are in their recovery journey.

The accommodation services include: holistic support for women and young people, with the aim of helping people build brighter futures for themselves and their families, and holistic support for men who have experienced homelessness.

Both accommodations are supported and support various areas of people’s lives, such as helping them access health appointments and working towards employment or volunteering.

Changing Lives in Durham

Changing Lives in Durham is focused on housing and homelessness, as well as women’s’ services. Changing Lives provides community support to women serving custodial sentences in HMP Low Newton. Women from the Durham and Tees Valley area currently serving custodial sentences in HMP Low Newton, and women on licence in the community are also supported to engage with services, with the outcomes of reducing the chance of reoffending and improving their livelihood and wellbeing.

Changing Lives in Doncaster

Money that is raised from CEO Sleepout Doncaster will go towards the Real Help Doncaster campaign. Real help Doncaster is a local fund that helps homeless and vulnerable people off the street and into a healthier and safer lifestyle. Real Help Doncaster will provide homeless people with practical items they need to build new lives off the streets. This can include help with setting up a new home, furniture, a training course or clothes for an interview.

Please visit Changing Lives to learn more about the incredible work they do.

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