Let’s get “Everyone In” and make it permanent.

“These are unusual times so I’m asking for an unusual effort. What we need to do now is work out how we can get ‘everyone in’.” – Dame Louise Casey, former Homelessness Tsar in her call to action, March 2020.


Thanks to that urgent call, more than 15,000 people were housed in accommodation such as hotels, student accommodation and B&Bs in what is now known as “Everyone In”.

Those men, women and families got to experience dignity and a chance to get their life on track for the first time. But something has changed since the first call. Rough sleepers are no longer a priority – even with the deadly virus running out of control. Why? What’s changed?

It should be as pressing as ever to ensure every rough sleeper has a roof over their head this winter. We now know it can be done.

But instead, Government has put pressure on Councils, urging them to use funds already allocated to re-house rough sleepers. It’s not good enough.

What’s needed is a second “Everyone In” call for lockdown 2.0. A “next steps” accommodation programme, and a #HousingFirst solution that ensures everyone that presents as homeless or at risk of becoming homeless is found accommodation, and wrap around care based on his or her specific needs.


What’s more, it actually costs the taxpayer less to eliminate homelessness for good.

When PWC ran the figures in it’s report, Assessing the costs and benefits of Crisis’ plan to end homelessness (2018), it concluded that for every £1 that will be invested in the solutions recommended to move people directly out of homelessness, an estimated £2.80 will be generated in benefits – this includes cashable savings and wellbeing value.

We’re calling on every one of you to lead with compassion, and amplify the message that it’s time to end homelessness.


Right now, hundreds of thousands of people in our country are homeless – forced to sleep on friends’ sofas and floors, live in crowded or unsafe places, or out on the streets. And many more are at risk of becoming homeless.

When people are already in poverty or are struggling to pay for housing, all it takes is a single event, like losing a job, a relationship breakdown or a health crisis, for them to fall into homelessness. We can fix this.

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